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tv   [untitled]    May 12, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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president yee: this is for the kipp? i thought, the end of the meeting. ok. come on up anyways. this is april, right? ok. >> good evening. my name is april, and i am a san francisco resident and a member of staff, and i just want to speak very briefly on what we are submitting a charter and seeking your approval in san francisco. our team first approached the board one decade ago for a preparatory middle school option in the traditionally underserved communities, and thanks to our parents, community members, the district, and this board, we launched the kipp academies in the fall of 2003. we are really proud of our track record in san francisco, and
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both of our schools have been made california distinguished schools, and won academy has just earned a second achievement award this year. our students are 77% of them with free and reduced lunch, and over 83% of them are african- american or latino students, and we make a commitment at kipp to them through college. we are proud that 85% of the first quarter -- cohort entered college when only 40% of low- income students nationally enter college. we really valued partnership. our community has been grateful to receive the unanimous support of this board for our renewals over the years, and we have been good neighbors and good citizens, as evidenced by the letters and testimony you will receive, so i want to thank those of you who have come out to see our schools both this year and in the past, and we
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look forward to meeting with you all individually in the coming months as we prepare for our curriculum and our budget hearing to talk with you about this high school. we would love for you to come visit our schools if you have not done so, either our middle school or are two high schools, so thank you, and on behalf of our students and parents, we really appreciate your support for kipp high school. thank you. president yee: thank you. item r. introduced by commissioners murase, norton, and yee, where the board will have to vote on considering a previous action. may we have a vote to reconsider 118-9a1? which is a reconsideration a115
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-24sp2. i will keep reading. and the amendment of resolution no. 95-26a2, allowing students to obtain physical education credit for j r a t c students -- jrotc students. so this is to reconsider. ok? roll call, please. secretary: thank you. [rollcall] that is five ayes. president yee: emotion and second for a resolution to
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amend? -- a motion? i need a motion and a second. second? this is referred to the ad hoc committee for personnel matters and labour relations. commissioner: is it going to be referred to budget, as well? president yee: let's bring it to budget, because i am thinking the same thing, commissioner mendoza. yes. two committees. item s, the board members reports, the school districts elect committee. commissioners fewer, maufas, and mendoza? the commissioner: where their
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comments on the previous? -- were there comments on the previous? >> would you like me to report on the school committee? president yee: yes. commissioner: there were the course requirements for high schools, and i think it was very sobering, the data that the district presented about how many students are not to graduate because of the requirements, so this i think is, we, as a board, passed in a graduation requirement. there was discussion about the need and how that would help with credit recovery, and have
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this could be put towards meeting the requirement. also, we heard about this summer school program, which the city is offering, and also, the district is also offering many summer school options. so we are working with the city. the city is also going to find some of our summer schools, said that is good news. they also have a very robust summer program for a lot of others. and both of these items were continued. president yee: anybody else want to add anything? the report from the budget and business services committee, may 2, and reporting is commissioner mendoza. commissioner mendoza: so we had
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a very quick meeting, and we had lenny -- hwat was le -- what was lenny's last name? i encourage all of the board members to read. it identified some of the items. as well as the ways we have done it well. a budget update. the process, we will continue to get these on a regular basis, and this will continue in our budget meetings, and we wanted to ask to figure out how much a
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one fte would cost, and the budget to have the requirements of the lgbtq, and we will share that with everyone, and we will add that to our list of other potential items that we will bring back into our budget. thank you. president yee: thank you, commissioner mendoza. ok, board delegate reports. committee announcements? go ahead. commissioner: the rules committee will meet at 6:00 p.m. here. that is our regular day, wednesday, finally, and i just wanted to make sure that that
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got an ounce, and we were thinking we would send an invitation, deputy superintendent, for the parents advisory council, maybe some others. we could brainstorm. i feel that it is all of our community partners to meet with the legislative developments, and we have them all here, and i think we should come up with some sort of informal plan and be clear. as i said at the last meeting, if they had come to the last meeting, when the superintendent was here to give us his take on the budget -- i am hoping we can get some more people here, and scores, all of you are invited. president yee: did you want to announce the delegate assembly
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or anything? commissioner: one week from this weekend, from the california school boards association, we will be having our delegate assembly. commissioner yee will be there, and commissioner murase, who is a delicate, will be able to join us. the main thing we will likely do is have a very lively conversation about what action to take about the initiatives, and this was basically what they have been doing all year, and we will be hopefully reaching some kind of resolution next week, so thank you for the opportunity. >> -- president yee: anything you want to report about? commissioner?
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commissioner: at one school, they had a documentary called "precious knowledge, and it was about a fight for things at a tucson high school. i have a copy of it. it was very, very moving. i think all of ours should have it. i have copies for any board members who would like to view that. also, i attended a very lovely event on saturday in april, and it was a silent auction for an elementary school, and it was absolutely fabulous. very nice, nice music, great food. they had great art work there that was donated. i donated some alcoholic beverages, which went very well, quite frankly, and it was not at
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the school site. it was at a building. i would like to thank them for the generous use of their building, and then i would like to mention that tomorrow night is african-american awards night at the cultural center, starting at 6:00. president yee: vice president norton? vice president norton: i would like to announce that the first meeting of the labor committee will be held on june 7, so president yee and commissioner murase, if you could mark your calendars? what time? that is a good question. let's say 5:30, and if we have to change, we will pose that, but for now.
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commissioner: i just want to say that starting tomorrow morning, there is national community schools forum in san francisco, and today there was a convening of superintendents that i attended. it was very interesting. tony smith was there, and claudia anderson talking about attendance. lots of people were interested. there is a lot of focus on san francisco. one of the things i wanted to say is that i went over the schedule, and there was a lot, so you will be seeing this in the next couple of days. i think there are some tomorrow, too.
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president yee: anybody else? commissioner murase? commissioner murase: thank you. president yee, i think all of us and have announcements. first of all, commissioner fewer's comment, and i will say there was a robust conversation with the tucson school board member, and a former cube chair. mr. corona, what was his name? commissioner: he is a board
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member in indiana. commissioner murase: so it was a packed session, and it had a national school boards association. everyone is looking at that. it is not just the ethnic studies. it is how the governor and other folks, impacting the school. i believe more information will be coming on that topic. commissioner fewer, i will ask her to review one of those copies of "precious knowledge." and secondly, i wanted to thank supervisor david campos for
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really working so hard on the free muni issue, and what was passed at the mta was for low- income students, but i know tomorrow, this is how much follow-up needs to happen. he will be speaking, the programming and allegations committee for transportation in oakland regarding this topic, and i will be there as well as listening and offering my opinion to support his work, but i definitely want to thank supervisor campos, his staff, and all of the folks at mta the web been very helpful and working towards free muni. if we can take these small steps in this pilot program, for the low-income students, i am happy to participate and assist in any
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way that i can, and then one more comment, the ad hoc city college joint committee, we are working on figuring out which date we can meet, because, actually, as we meet quarterly, it falls on the third wednesday, which is wendy -- when the rules committee meets. our respective assistance to help us coordinate. i just wanted to let folks know. please stay tuned. the college district and the school district will definitely have a co-meeting soon. thank you. commissioner: i was at an event hosted by a media company. they've been in touch with our curriculum staff. it is a nationally recognized
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organization that focuses on literacy, headquartered in san francisco, and they have a working relationship with us, so i hope we can take advantage of this tremendous asset that we have. through the introduction with united educated of san francisco, a doctor from uc berkley came to meet with senior staff about his expertise in early childhood development and community schools, so we hope to take advantage of that resource. on april 28, i had the opportunity to be a judge among the 200 judges among the state championship for the california high school association. i brought programs to share, so the california state top debaters and public speaker is gathered at all high-school -- at lowell high school, and it
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was exciting. the outreach to the community, alumni, to gather 200 judges, it was really intense. a good debate coach. a want to give a special shout out to the custodians who worked very hard curious hundreds of hungry students with trash. the custodians did an excellent job. i want to thank them to make sure we had the right to staffing for that. participated in a celebration committee on monday. a shout out to be award winner who works with our student through the asian american community for talent research program that promotes high
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school students to look at college. it is hosted by the japanese committee youth council. one of the finalists was our own act gwen chen. and a shout out to the elementary school whose kids performed polynesian dance as part of the program. a shout out to the fifth graders who will be performing this friday for one night only. thurgood marshall high school industrial design and outreach is having an event on may 18 at the museum. i want to recognize the artists from the balboa city art, school of the arts mission, and lincoln academy of arts and sciences,
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who participate in the youth arts center. they have their final exhibition last weekend. there are at summer internships >> a wanted to make certain i spoke correctly around the commission that is meeting tomorrow. it is going to be at the metropolitan committee. the program and allocations recommends requests to the commission for approval. this is adoption of a pilot program. we need their approval to go forward. it begins at 10:00 a.m. at 101 a street in oakland at the metro
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center. anyone in san francisco who is available, hopefully commissioner fewer and i will be able to get across the bay and to provide -- support supervisor campos. >> i was able to judge a championships last friday. the winner was not from san francisco. she was lovely nonetheless. it will be hosting their big grand slam in berkeley this year. we have a jobs fair for the president's jobs plus initiatives on may 12. we have almost 300 students who will be attending. most of them are from san francisco unified school district. i am pleased with that and i wanted to thank linda wells and
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evans, i forget his last name, for helping me. i want to a bankklw, -- thank the tavis smiley and cornell west of that. it was fabulous. it was well done. matt martin did a great job. the event was well moderated. tavis and cornell talked about poverty and the tour they are doing to talk around our low- income families of color that plagued the united states. commissioner murase and i attended a dinner this week. we have a scholarship awards tomorrow evening. the dinners honoring carlos
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garcia is this week. we will be speaking, i will sit on two panels. another is about the joint oil youth work we have been doing. we also have mission high school in tenderloin elementary school honored for the great work they're doing around composting. i want to point out one of our retirements that are happening this year, which is to the principal jim. i just wanted to give a special shout out to jim because he has done a fantastic job. that is going to be at the irish cultural center at 11 at 5:30. the mayor's teacher of the month and principal of the year awards
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have been finalized. we will be making an announcement on that at the giants' game. we will be on entering -- honoring them at a home ceremony on may 16. i want to congratulate usf commencement on the 18th. san francisco state commencement is on the 19th. that's it. thank you. >> i do not know if i mention this at the last meeting, it seems like i did not. there was somebody here special that was awarded and recognize that the family coalition dinner. [applause] it was a great event.
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i also want to mention that there were some other people involved with this other program i am a mob with, the young dancers program. -- involved with, the young dancers program. about 700 people showed up. we had judge garcia here. among the five judges, it was superintendent garcia and i had the president of the california pta, carol. supervisor avalos and commissioner fewer was there. commissioner fewer: it was fabulous. commissioner yee, you're not saying enough. it was fabulous. it was sweet and it was
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inspirational to all of us who thought we could not dance. [laughter] it was a fabulous family of that. there were so many families. it was wonderful. president yee: it was a great day and we had such a time at the end. i thought we would have judges, let's dance the salsa, including superintending garcia. spontaneously, not only the adults, but all of the kids ran down from where they were sitting. 150 kids that went into the middle of the dance floor. it was a blast. it is one thing to have a structure, but for us to say,
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and did you want to come down? they all came down. it was a great site. to me, it is almost the essence of what we were trying to do where kids can enjoy dancing. i also wanted to mention that i went to the sunny side festival on sunday. some other things. that is enough. >> i want to congratulate the garcias who were married in. it was presided by gavin newsom. two weddings in two months. that is pretty awesome. president yee: i was going to adjourn the meeting, but not yet. report of the closed session.
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may 1, 2012, and it was read out already had a special meeting. we made a decision to re-read it because people here on television, including a large audience we have right now. the board of education by a vote of 6-5 approved the expulsion of one high school student and one middle school students. in approve the contracts for six assistant principals. it approve the contracts for two principals, five directors, to special assistance, one deputy general, a senior deputy general